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Payment Terms

Prices in US Dollars are valid only on orders to the USA. Prices in Canadian Dollars are valid only on orders to Canada. Taxes charged to Canadian customers are as follows (where applicable):

  • 5% GST only applies to all shipments to YK, NU, NT, BC, AB, SK, QC.
  • 13% HST applies to all shipments to ON, NB, or NL.
  • 14% HST applies to all shipments to PE.
  • 15% HST applies to all shipments to NS.
  • 5% GST and 7% PST applies to all shipments (where applicable) within Manitoba. Effective July 1, 2013 Manitoba PST increases to 8%.

At this time we do not accept orders on our website for customers outside of North America.

Customers from the USA or overseas pay NO CANADIAN SALES TAX on any purchase shipped to a destination outside of Canada. Some customers using a US-based credit card may have a small "Foreign Transaction Fee" applied to their credit card billing statement by the issuing bank, which is beyond our control. If you have a credit card which is based in the United States, prior to ordering you should check with your card issuer to find out any fees involved with dealing with a store in Canada. The amount charged by your credit card issuer can be as high as 3% in some rare instances, and is completely beyond our control.

Payment by cheque, money order, draft, VISA, or MasterCard. VISA and MasterCard purchases are charged directly in US Funds for Americans, Canadian Funds for Canadians. We cannot accept Visa or MasterCard credit cards which are issued outside of North America, or those which are issued by an instituation which resides outside of North America.

Orders submitted by Credit Card are processed onsite, and are first charged as the first part of order processing. Due to security policy and fraud prevention with Visa International and MasterCard International, we MUST ship to the verifiable billing name and address as it appears on the cardholders' statement. We will take the proper steps necessary to ensure information is correct.

If any verifiable information is not correct, we will need to contact you to obtain the correct information. This WILL delay your order accordingly. Should we feel that any order is being placed to circumvent our policy, it will be cancelled.

Payment by cash may be submitted, but we assume no responsibility or liability for non-receipt. Sending cash in the mail is at YOUR RISK.

We do not accept American Express, Discover, Billpoint, or PayPal. We absolutely do not accept PayPal credit/debit/MasterCards (those starting with 5581).

Unless otherwise specified, we do NOT accept credit cards from outside North America. We reserve the right to refuse to accept a credit card for any reason.

All cheques must clear. Please allow at least 4 weeks for the cheque to clear [Canadians, allow atleast 2-3 weeks for clearance] from the date we receive it.
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